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Letter to the editor: Lawsuit is pathetic cry for attention

Letter to the editor: Lawsuit is pathetic cry for attention



Had Dave VanScoy and Florence Sherman behaved with civility while supporting the president's cruel policy of family separation and child caging at our Southern border beginning last summer, and had they had not molested peaceful protesters with physical intimidation, violent language and promises of bodily harm or encouraged racist reactions from the president's flying monkeys they import from out of the area there would have been no need for the city to request permits.

And had our Glens Falls Police Department enforced the New York State Penal Law, disorderly conduct, with arrests of VanScoy and his fellow Trump supporters for disrupting the peaceful assemblies of concerned citizens lobbying at Stefanik's office, he and his lot would not have been emboldened to continue their terror tactics. Chief Lydon lied to my face when he said the DA would not prosecute the arrests. Who was the chief worried about offending? The DA corrected him. The chief and the council have ignored the 500 people who signed a petition demanding the police enforce the law. Now Van Scoy wants to play the victim.

VanScoy and Sherman and their ilk have every right to embarrass themselves by protesting against those of us who demand the humane treatment of children and minorities. They can call concerned citizens “socialists,” “commies” and “libtards,” if it makes them feel bigger and better than those of us with consciences, even if it makes them look foolish. But trampling on my First Amendment rights seems to be fine with them. Crushing dissent against the president's policies is their mindless motive. Their frivolous lawsuit is a pathetic cry for attention for the failing presidency they support.

Agata Stanford, Glens Falls


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