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Bravo to The Post-Star’s editorial board who so clearly named our frustrations and sense of betrayal at the hands of this current president. It is tragic that in the “age of information” citizens can be so susceptible to being misled or given false information. I too could not watch the State of the Union address and had to force myself to read about it the next day. Donald Trump’s blatant lie about the reproductive health act is just par for this man’s course. Who would not want the life of a mother saved – if bearing that child would cost her own? The fact that Elise Stefanik supported and endorsed his comments is further disheartening.

Once upon a time, we trusted our leaders to explain and articulate their positions, which we took for granted, were based on facts. The problem, I fear, is you cannot go back. In the words of Shakespeare, “what is done cannot be undone.” Misrepresentation of facts has caused doubt and angst in so many of us who had faith in our institutions, in our government to rule according to law and not politics. We depended on politicians to be truthful and honest about supporting their positions with facts – not lies. We trusted that even if we did not share their party affiliation, their positions were good for most Americans. Whether Democratic or Republican I can never remember a time when people’s mental state was in such disarray – caused primarily by Donald Trump – who shows no remorse for his intentional misrepresentation of facts. The name-calling, infighting, the firings and turnover of government leaders (in his own cabinet), is cause for alarm, and truly terrifying. I cannot remember a time such as this. In the words of the saints who have gone before, "May this too pass quickly."

Mary Hilliard, Lake George

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