As a retired law enforcement executive, I have a pretty good understanding of the challenges and rewards of leading a police agency. Over the years, people, usually politicians, would sometime inquire about the viability, cost or procedures of the police department. I would often respond "Do you feel safe in your city?" Let me ask you. Do you feel safe in Warren County? You should. We enjoy one of the safest areas around. The Glens Falls Metropolitan Area, which includes all of Warren County, is constantly rated one of the safest areas in the country.

Much of that has to do with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office. Clearly one of the most professional, well trained and state of the art departments there is. Sheriff York has done an outstanding job building this department, and one of his best decisions was selecting Shawn Lamouree as undersheriff. Shawn has been instrumental in making the Warren County Sheriff’s Office so successful. There is a chain of command in law enforcement, and it usually means that the second in command does much of the day-to-day running of the agency. From grant writing and management to policy and procedures, it can be daunting. I know Shawn has mastered all aspects of police management. He is well respected in both the local and law enforcement community.

I would like to see Undersheriff Lamouree lead the sheriff’s office and continue to build on its many successes. He has the skill, compassion and foresight to be lead. On Election Day, Shawn has my vote.

So, do you feel safe in Warren County? I do, and I thank all the men and women in law enforcement for that. Be safe.

Chief Will Valenza, GFPD Ret., Queensbury

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