If you are a resident of Warren County and want someone who will be genuine and committed to making a difference in your community, Jim LaFarr is your man. Although not a resident of Warren County, I have worked in the county for 18 years. Three short years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. LaFarr at The Adirondack Autism Conference at The Ramada on a Saturday. Mr. LaFarr proudly represented his department and proudly spoke about what supports the department has in place to assist families of individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Specifically, he educated the attendees on Project Life Saver. During the course of the day, I observed Mr. LaFarr’s down-to-earth and genuine interactions with others. He wasn’t just sitting at a table looking at his phone, he was up and about engaging in meaningful conversations. Before he left, I had the opportunity to introduce myself and shared what I did for a living. We exchanged business cards and he was adamant that if I needed anything to reach out. A week later, one of our mandated reporters needed to call the Sheriff’s Department to report a potential crime that was reported to her. The answer or lack of that was given when the report called did not settle or seem appropriate. On that following Monday, I reached for that business card and contacted Mr. LaFarr. He immediately responded and sent a couple of investigators to our office to get a report. Before long, an investigation occurred, and the person that was the victim of a crime was supported after going to The Care Center. Several months later, the defendant was arrested and taken off the streets. Jim doesn’t care who you are, he’s committed to your community.

April Boucher, Hudson Falls

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