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I think most people that live in our country love the United States. You read it right. I said most, not all. You all know our country has been on a downhill slide over the years in lots of areas. Most people know what they are. It seems like the most important things to our younger people are new electronics of all kinds, faster cars from zero to 60 in 18 seconds or less; cars that can reach 125 mph real quick, backup cameras and cars that drive themselves. The list goes on and on. Hopefully, you are starting to get the message. I hope so.

We can’t continue to make stuff that is addictive to our young people like e-cigarettes, power drinks, etc. etc. We have to stop drugs from coming in from Mexico or anywhere else. I don’t care how many walls we need to keep drugs and others out of our country, it has to be done. We are losing the war from the inside of our country to the entire country. It all has to be stopped at all costs.

This will not fix itself, we the people have to do it. We need new young smart leaders that are wise, caring, that love the United States. These leaders need the people behind them. We can’t keep saying this problem will work itself out, it won’t; we have to do it. It’s time for America to wake up and start the repair of our country, our roads, bridges, etc. etc. We have to get smart and do the right things that will bring America back to where we should be. The time is now. Let’s start in the right direction. We have a lot of work to do.

God bless America and God bless its people.

Sid Gordon, Saratoga Springs