I can’t abide genocide, especially the American variety. The first is what we do to the human fetus, namely abortion. The second, what we do with guns to living mortals. Both can be eradicated instantly but who really cares to do anything about them. I’ve spoken up often enough about abortion, especially being the grandfather of three incredible children earmarked for extinction. But what do I care anymore about what a woman does to her own body. It’s not my business. I just detest paying for the genocide.

As for guns, now that’s different. So many of my friends think guns are the end all. For what? Guns are designed to kill. I can’t even accept the shooting of animals. Who really needs to eat that bad? I am so sick to death of hearing the lame excuse “guns don’t kill, humans do.” Well supposing there weren’t any guns, how could humans kill?

“Oh boy, we need to protect our Second Amendment rights.” Utter nonsense. It’s time to kill the Second Amendment. It’s a shame we don’t have a gunstock capable of blowing it up. Sure, background checks will solve the problem. Everybody has a suggestion, but not one soul suggests eliminating firearms completely? Only half the killers are sick or terrorists. The other half are like the latest lunatic who was mad at Walmart because they wouldn’t sell certain guns.

Has anybody ever given any thought to no guns anymore? Better yet, let’s let every gun lover take his weapon to bed with himself. Just eliminate all ammunition. Arm all security with 2 irons. What a shame, a guard may have to hit a gunless nutcase over the head with a golf club. What a shame, we might all live.

Gene Casella, Queensbury

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