After watching the early morning news on TV, it seems like we are out of control in our country. Some people say don’t watch the news. I say let’s not bury our heads in the sand anymore as the bad stuff continues to get worse and worse. It’s time to take strong measures with all the bad going on and take our country back.

I know some folks say it’s too late. They are wrong. It’s never too late. We need smart people that know what to do. We need our laws to change and put the bad people away for a long time. Everyone knows there are too many guns and shootings going on all over, plus all the rest of the bad stuff. It has to stop.

We can do this if we want to, and we should. Let’s get started in the right direction once and for all. For the good of our country, our people, our children, we have to start this process now. We have to back our law enforcement so they can start to clean up the mess we are in.

I hope the paper prints this, as the time is way overdue to really make America great again for all the good people.

Sid Gordon, Saratoga

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