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Letter to the editor: In 2020, look back with perfect vision


As the fall evening shadows darken across this year of our lord 2020 A.D. the irony comes into focus as 20-20 is also a term used to describe “perfect vision.”

Hindsight is 20-20. The past 2020 years have brought to light many ugly realities — most recently the pandemic, climate change, intensifying weather-related disasters, mass emigration from war-torn, poverty-stricken or flooded lands and the core of the problem “male privilege" (white male privilege), imperialism or Western Civilization's influence, as a God-given right.

Historically, western religious thought teaches, be fruitful and multiply, respect all life (except non-believers, and condones oppression of woman and slaves). These shortcomings have been slowly chipped away at and, hopefully, we are at the tipping point. Discussing women priests is not outlandish.

Notice how #BLM took the media spotlight from the #MeToo movement, as if racism and sexism are competing societal ills. It cannot be ignored; each movement has historical ties to misapplied systemic religious oppression.

Yes, some of the same basic societal issues facing 2020 and beyond are rooted in hijacked religious dogma or “male privilege” and the fear of sharing or losing power.

Why are “law and order” folks opposed to VAWA and the gathering of statistics on gun-related injuries and violence? Did they forget the Thompson machine gun and Prohibition (circa 1918-1934) helped sire organized crime? Why repeat the same mistakes with bump stocks, 30-round magazines, marijuana and other readily available street drugs?

There are too many other privileged-based hypocrisies to explore in 300 words. Please focus on the makeup of militias and home-grown terrorists. Hindsight and western religion teach us, “There is nothing new under the sun,” unless and until we cast the splinters from our own eyes and learn to love thy neighbor (enemy) as thyself.


E Pluribus Unum

Michael Stern, Fort Edward


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