Who started this discussion?

The hospital held a “closed door” session with a limited group of “industry leaders” and announced that this hospital, which serves the entire community, was in “dire” financial condition. Why did they start this discussion? Since then, it seems the hospital administrators want to play defense, end the discussion they started and “move on.”

This is like Trump’s AG Barr releasing a four-page summary he prepared of the 1,000-plus-page Mueller report and put an end to the discussion. Stefanik, too, has “heard enough” and wants to get back to the important bipartisan work of the committee chaired by the guy who was caught sneaking across the White House lawn in the middle of the night to get a “secret” report that he failed to share with his bipartisan committee. Was she joking?

Your hospital does not fill out its 990 forms differently than every other hospital in its peer group. That is nonsense. Important, and sometimes embarrassing, facts have been reported in this newspaper. That happens to be the responsibility of professional journalists. Going to the weekly Chronicle, which does no investigative reporting at all, for a picture and some favorable press is not the answer.

The answer for the members of the hospital board and the hospital foundation board is to pay attention to the excellent factual reporting being done by this newspaper. Then proceed, perhaps courageously, to carry out their fiduciary responsibility to address the “dire” financial condition that their administrators described at the outset.

H. Wayne Judge, Glens Falls

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