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What Kathleen Moore’s due diligence has uncovered in terms of the facts behind Glens Falls Hospital's financial stress is disheartening. Over my career — in IT — I have heard of, and witnessed, many such business failures that when unraveled expose a familiar quilt. They missed some of the necessary threads to keep "IT" together:

• Proper due diligence to fully understand the why, how, when and who before any major change initiative. In IT speak, it is called "Discovery."

• Developing and vetting out a thoughtful plan of execution that has a solid set of metrics and measures to track, report and control execution.

• A proactive Risk Abatement Plan that adds a layer of control over the execution plan with predefined trigger dates for actions based on present circumstances. This is the missing component in the reported 60 percent of "IT projects" that fail. The reality is they are all business projects.

• Understanding from board level down to the people executing the plan that "outsourcing" requires more process rigor, not less. No business can outsource control of critical processes to a third party and expect guaranteed success. When a business establishes a shared need for change, they must continue to lead and manage that change.

• Accountability and transparent collaboration between all business functions and the third party. This needs to be documented in a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is persistently monitored, controlled and backed up with rewards and penalties.

Sounds like common sense, yet this is not the first business shaken by a failed "IT project"; and it won't be the last.

My sincere interest is that Glens Falls Hospital rises above this challenge to continue as an important institution in our region. That will require significant changes and hard work. I wish them the best.

Tim Montgomery, Glens Falls

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