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I was astonished to learn that Rep. Elise Stefanik and the National Republican Congressional Committee would stoop so low as to pay a high school student to lie and secretly record. The deceitful conduct of Ms. Stefanik sets a horrible example for young people.

I have firsthand knowledge of Preston Scagnelli’s (alias Grayson) deceit. Last May I hosted a “meet and greet” for a Democratic Congressional candidate. I welcomed this high school junior into our home. He introduced himself as a young Democrat interested in the political system. I told him how proud I was of his attending such an event on his own, making the trip and his desire to learn more about the candidate. I introduced him to my family, the candidate and my friends. Grayson, aka Preston, appeared to enjoy my hospitality. 

The point that I would like to make is that had he told me he was a young Republican, interested in learning about the candidate’s platform, I would have treated him the same exact way! I have always encouraged and invited people of different views to any Democratic event that I am involved in, thinking that it is good to learn from each other. I respect my Republican friends and their opinions, even though mine may differ. I cannot respect the NRCC for using a high school student in such a deceptive manner and Elise Stefanik for her condoning such actions. How desperate are they? This is a horrible example to set for our young people. It seems that if “alternative facts” are acceptable at the upper levels of our leadership, they are acceptable throughout our system. Too bad!

Barbra Kingsley, Eagle Bridge

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