It was disappointing to see once again President Eisenhower’s warning about the military industrial complex taken out of context. Eisenhower wasn’t advocating for reduced defense spending or a smaller military. He was warning about the potential for corruption with military industrial corporations and their ever-increasing scale. He was warning about obsession with technology and buildup from a political and industrial perspective, not a defense perspective.

As a former general, he had a unique perspective and insight on how to win the peace. As president, Eisenhower oversaw one of the largest defense buildups in our country’s history and pioneered our peace through strength of foreign policy strategy that continues today.

His warning is often taken out of context and used by critics who advocate gutting our national defense budget. This was not his intention. Those that criticize our defense spending assume the world is a safer place. In actuality, the world has become a much more dangerous place with the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the radicalization of various extremists groups. We may have defeated ISIS, but more threats lurk.

Today, President Trump is doing good work building up a strong defense again to deter our enemies as we confront threats across the globe. His insistence on NATO members to spend more of their fair share has been extremely successful, as the NATO secretary recently applauded him for before a joint session of Congress. There is still much work to do in addition to securing our borders.

Harrison Francett, Queensbury

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