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A recent letter to the editor from Gene Casella, a leading pundit from the local left condemning guns; as a former soldier from World War II and getting shot at from enemy soldiers, he asks why we need guns? He doesn’t get it, like millions of other Americans. We need them to stop political oppression and hostile foreign powers, e.g. North Korea, Russia and ISIS Jihadists. We use them to protect innocent people from hostile actions.

I can also add Mr. Tingley’s name to the list of ignorant or arrogant people of wanting to change the Second Amendment of the Constitution. This gives the right to own guns legally by millions of law-abiding people. What if we change the laws of having a free press in this country?

Some people think the NRA and members are the bogeyman. Well, it’s not. It’s a civil rights organization to help people. There is a famous picture of Dr. Martin Luther King at a rally in Washington, D.C. There are three white people standing behind him in support. One was the late great actor, Charlton Heston. He was president of the NRA for two terms before he died. This is the same Heston who acted in over 50 movies and won a lot of awards. But George Clooney, of the elitist left from Hollywood, criticized him as no good because he supported the Second Amendment. What a coward is he! This is a true story and I’m sticking to it.

James Tomaski, member of the NRA and GOP, Glens Falls

Editor’s Note: Mr. Tingley has never advocated eliminating or changing the Second Amendment.