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Letter to the editor: GOP must rid itself of former president

Letter to the editor: GOP must rid itself of former president


“I know Joe Biden needs to have a cue card given to him by his staff.” That’s the sort of casual ageism I expect to see from Rep. Stefanik.

Also, not President Biden? Such respect. Can’t admit that he won, you know! Since Biden is running a highly competent, scandal-free, drama-free White House, maybe the previous guy should’ve tried cue cards.

Former President Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, celebrated Memorial Day weekend by supporting the idea of a Myanmar-style coup in this country. Don’t we all miss the heck out of these folks?

Republican former Rep. Barbara Comstock, this weekend, said that if Trump went missing, very few congressional Republicans would join a search party. No doubt Stefanik is among those who’d love to see him disappear. Killing the January 6th commission is as much about memory-holing Trump as it is the attack.

Rep. Liz Cheney is at least being honest. In the meantime, our rep has to say things like the NY investigation into Trump’s business is “politically motivated,” displaying the same respect for American justice as for American democracy.

At some point, the GOP has to admit, en masse, that Biden won and Trump lost. Until they do he controls them because, I guess, he’s still the president? Admit it. The relationship is over. Rip off the Band Aid. He’s not into you and you can’t stand him either. The kids will get over it.

Kevin Robbins

Fort Edward


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