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Letter to the editor: GOP cares about money and power


It has become clear during this administration that the only thing Republicans care about is money and power, and the only function they see for the federal government is to provide for the national defense, as they take their marching orders from the Federalist Society (see

From my 72-year perspective, America was only “Great” for the middle class, in the economic sense, and from about 1950 to 1965, because of an unusual historical anomaly. That anomaly was that after World War II, the U.S. was the only world industrial power left standing. The middle class fared better than it ever has throughout history. Taxes on the rich were up to 90%, and industry was booming as we helped to rebuild the rest of the world, but then they got on their feet again. A corrupt administration came to power (Nixon and Agnew), China (our former Communist enemy) was opened up for business market opportunities, and the right wing rose due to grassroots efforts by Ronald Reagan and trickle-down economic theorists. Republicans realized that they could get votes by claiming “fiscal responsibility” and vowing to cut taxes. They also discovered that you can break the law and get away with it long enough to reap the benefits of your ill-gotten office at least until your term has ended. (I will be happy to give examples if asked).

Unfortunately, every time that we cut taxes, the result is a huge transfer of wealth from the lower and middle classes to businesses and the wealthy, resulting in fewer funds for national coffers, which means less money for programs which benefit average citizens. The Supreme Court decision in Citizens United was the frosting on the cake for Republicans, as it guaranteed an immense advantage to business and the uber-wealthy.

Michael Marsh, Queensbury


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