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Letter to the editor: 'Good guys' relative in gun debate


So, the lunacy continues. Couple guns with abortion and we will never have to address a world population problem again. The thing about guns that makes them so much more efficient than the doctor's knife is a gun can take out hundreds in one fell swoop, while the poor medic can only do one fetus at a time. What a shame!

I have to wonder? Am I the only person who hates guns? Does anybody feel as I do? I don't really see much reaction here in the north. Very few ever write the editor; so many seem willing to accept this horrid fate. Oh yeah, we need to protect ourselves! With what, AR-15s? It is three times the speed and power of a handgun. One bullet from that abomination causes hemorrhage, bones disintegrate. What a joke ... for protection! The curse of the Constitution is the Second Amendment. I guess there still must be lots of Hurons and Iroquois around.

I know exactly what we will hear now that we've snuffed out another 27 innocent youth. Oh, it's not the good guys. They would never do that. Yeah, really! It just so happens the bad guys were good guys up till the day before their dastardly deeds. Oh, we need to get the sick off our streets, do we? Well that's probably more than half our country's population, no? Security guard our schools? Are we sure they are “good guys”?

In the Army, I was on the lower SACOM rifle team in southern Europe. It never gave me any special rewarding thrill. I couldn't wait to put the gun down. In Florida, half the state is armed. One storefront is advertising “machine gun practice.” Good Lord, what have we come to? The Fifth Commandment demands, “Thou shalt not kill.”

Gene Casella, Queensbury


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