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Court of Star Chamber, this medieval court made up of judges and privy councilors that grew out of the medieval king’s council as a supplement to the regular justice of the common law courts.

Finding its support from the king’s prerogative (sovereign power and privileges) and not bound by the common law, Star Chamber’s procedures gave it considerable advantages over the ordinary courts. It was less bound by rigid form; it did not depend upon juries either for indictment or for verdict; it could act upon the petition of an individual complainant or upon information received; it could put an accused person under oath to answer the petitioner’s bill and reply to detailed questions. On the other hand, its methods lacked the safeguards that common law procedures provided for the liberty of the subject. The individual must answer truthfully to all questions, however, the inquirer knew what the answers were he was seeking and any other response would be a lie. It was abolished in 1641.

Now compare the special council probe of Robert Mueller with the Star Chamber. Not any different. News alert! Robert Mueller was not born in Bethlehem, regardless of all the attributes and accolades and authority given him by man.

Readers may be upset with this truth of history just as they were with the choice between insurrection and anarchy or law and order. Yes, those in power will always try to stay in power when the authority of oversight and restraint is not enforced.

My security is not in man but in the God who created and rules over man. There is a day of accountability on the horizon. Mankind should concern himself with the choice of the promise of life eternal or the judgment and choose accordingly.

Man needs better education than he has received.

Carl Thomas, Stony Creek

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