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Well, you have finally done it, and I hope you have the nerve to print my letter. Your Don Coyote quote today, “The NRA is pure evil,” is so outrageous but I'm sure speaks to the majority of your readership that remains impressed by your liberal leanings. To be honest, the only reason we have not stopped subscribing to The Post-Star before is for the obituaries, local news, crossword and comic page because of how biased the national and world articles are that you choose to print. I have always had a subscription to The Post-Star and at 72, that is a long time. My husband has been after me for quite some time to stop subscribing and these five words, “The NRA is pure evil,” are finally the words that it took to make me agree with him. The NRA is not evil, guns are not evil. Take a look at the NRA website to find out the programs the NRA provides to make gun ownership safe. People who kill innocent people are evil — not the cars, guns, knives, etc. that they may use. I am not a gun person, as I've shot a gun only once in my life, but I feel very strongly about our Second Amendment rights. I've got a big crossword book, can look at all the comics I want on the internet, and will be checking out all the local funeral homes for obituaries, so I guess I don't need to read The Post-Star anymore.  

Diana Eggleston, Argyle