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Letter to the editor: Feeling somber about the present day

Letter to the editor: Feeling somber about the present day



I woke up today, Friday, March 27, in a somber mood. The news was the same (the virus). The newspaper seemed not to have much advertising, so I worry about it. I came back to my building after getting my habitual morning apple fritter at Stewart’s (can’t help it, yet) and ran into some of my neighbors. We chatted about the collective mood, and one said it was like a dark cloud hanging over her head. I agreed, and so did another lady who chimed in.

I can’t help but think that 800 years from now we will look back and analyze the motivations for electing a president, a celebrity-NYC socialite, and its consequences as to a global market, a global internet, instant global news coverage, technological advancements, and global movements of people.

To me, this was a mistake in reasoning, akin to the Roman Catholic pope’s rise to power and in the First Crusade of 1097, telling the peasants that if they join the soldiers their sins will be absolved. Of course, not having any other knowledge, they joined (and massacred many peoples).

We elected a man of poor intellect, who fires the intelligent people around him and replaces them with yes-men. The GOP keeps on wanting this power and stays, so they too are yes-men.

Their actions will be looked down upon, even now, but later in the future of history.

Sherry Adams, Queensbury


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