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Letter to the editor: Everyone is suing Fox News

Letter to the editor: Everyone is suing Fox News



I’m responding to James Tomaski’s comment “Fox News lies about everything.” They’re being sued by two voting machine companies for over $4 billion total for dragging them into the conspiracy theory over the election often referred to as the big lie. They won a lawsuit recently by admitting that nothing Tucker Carlson says can be taken literally. Lawyer Sidney Powell is also being sued for essentially everything she owns for defamation by those companies. Her defense is that no one should’ve taken anything she said seriously. She said much of it on Fox News.

The positions of congressional Republicans in regards to the Texas lawsuit and the Jan. 6 vote seems to have been based in large part on what this lawyer and Fox News were reporting. It’s of a piece anyway. Powell is saying they should’ve known better. Is “I was only politicking so it shouldn’t have been taken seriously” a good excuse? It would be great to see debates with primary challengers from the Cheney/Kinzinger/Katko wing of the party next year.

Also wanted to mention the “stumbling president” line. I’m 64 and would be happy to age as well physically, mentally and spiritually as President Biden has. He seems an apt role model to me. And if we don’t talk about the former guy that’s more than all right. Can someone get him to go away?

Kebin Robbins, Fort Edward


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