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I find it both sad and amusing that you and your colleagues can take a beautiful masterpiece like the eulogy in the rotunda and turn it around to be about President Trump. Our lovely, classy first lady extended her hand to the supposed gentlemen that could not even bother to stand. The envious sore loser that was the classless female Clinton showed the entire country her true colors. Carter, the fumble bum of old, never had any class to begin with. His wife was out of reach since none of the others bothered to stand, showing nothing but disrespect to our first lady.

It is beyond me, and you summed it up best when you called votes dumber than a box of rocks, how anyone, after the disgusting display at the Kavanaugh hearing, could vote for these Democrats. I wonder what their children are being taught.

It is beyond me how these people can be so against a man that is all out for this country. If the president fails, the country fails. If the country fails, where will you go?

John E. Siebrecht, Queensbury

Editor’s note: After six days of coverage on the death, mourning and funeral of President George H.W. Bush that included nine stories and 23 photos over 11 pages, we stand by the coverage as comprehensive and respectful of a great American.

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