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This is about the recent Florida murders by a very troubled teen boy. He used an AR-15 rifle. Some people think AR-15s look scary and are too deadly. AR-15s are black and have handles and places to attach things. They are “different.” Some people want to ban all AR-15s because of this. Some want to ban all rifles. Some want to ban all guns. These are all emotional responses that do not address the real problem — the criminal that used a tool to kill.

Suppose a very troubled teen boy drove a big black Ford F-150 with a fast engine and big tires into a crowd of school kids on the sidewalk, killing some and injuring others. (Terrorists in Europe have done this.) Would the same critics want to ban scary Ford F-150s? How about all Ford trucks? Would they ban any truck with a powerful engine and big tires? How about banning all vehicles?

Instead of condemning the NRA, critics could condemn AAA for providing education for vehicle owners and lobbying on their behalf. We need to use logic, not emotions, when responding to problems.

Lee Farrington, F-150 owner, NRA member, AAA member, Queensbury