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I was glad to see (in your article on Saturday, June 30) that you are concerned with your position at the paper. This is exactly why we have the Second Amendment and why it is “second” in our Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

You should go to your county office and get an application for a pistol permit. This will start you on an amazing trip to obtain one. It could take up to a year to get one; you just can’t go out and buy a gun at the store.

You are, however, in a great place. You can contact Bob Henke for advice and even as a mentor. Also, Don Lehman would be an excellent choice. If he doesn’t already have a pistol permit, you could go through the process together — doesn’t hurt to have a partner.

Then I look at your advertisers — Falls Farm and Garden comes to mind. His wife also advertises for Calamity Jane’s Firearms and Fine Shoes. They, along with their sons, would be more than happy to help you find the right gun choice for you. Believe me, I think it would be a wonderful idea for you to do this as it would give you first-hand experience for your articles on the Second Amendment and its importance.

You too can look over your shoulder every morning and wonder what our governor is thinking and whether he will send the New York State Troopers to your house to confiscate your (legally obtained) $700 or $900 pistol and render it for scrap metal and take the little card out of your wallet, leaving you completely vulnerable.

Please consider this. At least there may be another commendation on your wall for the article you can write on your personal experience with this process.

Walter Clarke, Fort Ann

Editor’s note: Ken Tingley has previously been a member of the Dunham’s Bay Fish and Game Club and received firearm training from Sean Garvey.

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