Letter to the editor: Don't wait to have cancer screenings

Letter to the editor: Don't wait to have cancer screenings



Did you know that every year an average of 515 people living in Warren County are diagnosed with some form of cancer? The numbers also show that an average of 176 Warren County residents die from some form of cancer annually (data from NYS Cancer Registry 2012-2016).

The good news, many of the cancers that impact Warren County residents are preventable and treatable. Preventing cancer starts with making healthy choices including quitting smoking, limiting alcohol intake, reducing consumption of highly processed foods, eating more fruits and vegetables, increasing physical activity and wearing sunscreen.

Cancer doesn’t discriminate though. Even a person who chooses to live a healthy lifestyle can develop cancer. Things beyond a person’s control like age and genetics can lead to a person developing cancer. That is why knowing your family history and receiving the recommended cancer screenings is so important.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic many people have been putting off preventive cancer screenings. Don’t wait! The earlier a cancer is found the more likely treatment outcomes will be successful. Hospitals and other health care centers are working hard to make sure you are safe when you go for your screenings.

There is help available for individuals that are unable to pay for preventive cancer screenings. Locally, the Cancer Service Program (CSP) at Glens Falls Hospital can provide breast, cervical and colon cancer screening at no cost to men and women who qualify. Individuals can call 518-926-6570 for more information.

Don’t let screening costs or fear of COVID-19 be an excuse for not getting screened for cancer. Don’t wait! Get screened for yourself and your family. To find out about the New York State Cancer Services Program, visit www.health.ny.gov/diseases/cancer/services/

Dan Durkee, Lake George

Senior Health Educator

Warren County Public Health


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