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Letter to the editor: Don't call Jan. 6 an insurrection


If you blame Trump for the riot at the Capitol building on Jan. 6, you must also blame the media and Black Lives Matters and antifa for destruction of private and public property and the injury and deaths of many people during protests in 2020.

The two rallies on Jan. 6 that had permits were not responsible for the people who went into the Capitol building. People felt frustrated that day when many states violated their own laws and constitutions and the U.S. Constitution by changing voting rules for the 2020 election. Were there fraudulent votes in the election? Absolutely! Once a vote is cast it’s impossible to say what the vote was for, therefore no judge will overturn results. It is imperative that voter rolls be cleaned up and verified and that those registered are legally eligible to vote.

The changes that were made allowed for fraudulent voting. The legal and constitutional challenges to the certification of the election for president are just that, legal. They are not seditious nor insurrection. Elise Stefanik and her fellow Republicans were doing their duty, the same way Democrats have done the same when a Republican has been elected president.

In cities throughout the country criminals are released with no bail for serious crimes every day, illegal border crossers are released throughout the country every day, yet there are citizens presumed innocent, in the DC jail that haven’t even had a hearing yet. Many have been in solitary confinement. They would be out with no bail or small bail had the not-yet charged offences occurred in most Democrat states or cities. Is that equal justice? The FBI has confirmed there was no insurrection on that day. Stop calling it that. The media malpractice in this country is appalling.

Nicholas Collins, Glens Falls


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