I had to smile at Rep. Elise Stefanik's recent PR effort to highlight her vote to release all transcripts to Special Counsel Robert Mueller under the new Democratic-majority House Intelligence Committee (Feb. 7).

But, then, my smile faded quickly, because I remembered her April 2018 votes under the GOP-led House Intelligence Committee: her vote that buried the transcripts so no one could see them, and her vote that completely shut down the unfinished investigation into Russian interference in our republic's 2016 election.

Elise's statement, spotlighting another September 2018 vote to release documents to the "executive branch" — translation: Trump — served to remind me that that vote resulted in only two released transcripts: Carter Page and Erik Prince, whose testimony was most likely well-studied by the Trump legal team. This is not much to brag about, Elise.

Here's why I am disappointed. I am upset at the actions of my representative, whose activities on this important committee border on the criminal, because Elise took an oath to "defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic" but chose to follow her party in closing an active investigation and signed off on a report with multiple falsehoods and also suppressed significant testimony for months.

Elise's hubris in now touting only what she thinks holds a positive spin on her House Intel work displays what is becoming a seasoned duplicity by my representative. It's not a good look for Elise Stefanik, nyet?

Julie A. Wash, Saratoga Springs

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