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Letter to the editor:Crazy antics are growing less funny

Letter to the editor:Crazy antics are growing less funny



The masters of mayhem and definition of knuckleheads are alive and well in the Empire State. Unfortunately for us, their collective crazy antics are no longer funny!

Our intrepid modern-day stooges are not only dangerous to our health, but also to our economic and personal security.

The newest iteration of mindless behavior is now exemplified by Andy Cuomo, Bill DeBlasio (or whatever his christened name was) and our special brainiac — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

I’m particularly worried for those of us who live in cow country and make their living in dairy and beef raising because AOC’s new Green Deal calls for an end to cow flatulence and probably spells disaster for farmers.

Senior citizens like me should fear Andy’s idea that old people are expendable — especially those in nursing homes, as he felt it was OK to send COVID-19 patients to upstate nursing homes with disastrous results. When asked about it he stated that older people die every day from something — it is expected.

Billy D. was bragging the other day that New York prisons contained the lowest number of prisoners since World War II and due to the new bail/bond law in New York passed by Democrats — New York City was the safest it has been in a very long time! He must not have a TV to watch what’s happening in his own city!

God help us if this reckless behavior continues!

Morgan Snyder, Greenwich


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