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This is my second attempt at making the powers that be aware of the necessity of having a Crandall Library Annex that is located in Queensbury and is easily accessible for the disabled. As I stated before in a letter to the Crandall Library trustees, there are only two parking places for the disabled. On many occasions I have had to put off going to the library because those spots were taken. I have spoken to several friends who are not disabled and asked them if they use the library and they have said “No, because it is too difficult to get to.” If one is unable to get a parking place close by, then it is quite a hike for us senior citizens.

I have a suggestion. There are several stores available for rent in the mall across from Home Depot. There is plenty of parking and easy access to the stores. There could be a selection of books, new and popular, such as what is now located on the library’s ground floor. It would have to have an employee or perhaps be manned by volunteers at limited hours such as 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. There could also be a computer where people could order books from the main office and could be picked up at the annex. This to me makes more sense than the cost of mailing out books.

I have contacted RCG Ventures, who are the rental agents, and spoken to Mr. Lee Zimmerman. He feels this is possible and is willing to look at working with you to perhaps bring this to fruition. The phone number is 877-816-5454.

If there are other citizens in Queensbury who agree with me, please respond by contacting Supervisor Strough, Mayor Hall or the trustees of Crandall Public Library.

Lynn B. Crayford, Queensbury

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