Our illustrious governor, the recently re-elected (?) liberal Democrat who has the nerve to criticize Mister Trump, a man who puts country and America’s people first, released from prison 22 criminal immigrants facing deportation, four murderers and three armed robbers. This is the same "man" who would relieve you of your guns, while he struts around with armed bodyguards. Did anyone hear any kind of protest from our Post-Star newspaper?

The smallest children know better than to set fire to plastic. It is toxic! But yet this newspaper, so worried about the liberal fictitious climate change, quaking in fear of the powerful advertisers that are keeping this farce afloat, is silent. Hello, the climate of this earth has been changing since year one!

For the last 55 years, the homeowners, those elites who live on Lake George, the ones so opposed to that (gasp) "free" dog beach, have been polluting and killing the cold, clear waters of our lake. The mayor stands aside, duck tape across his mouth, as the clear waters turn cloudy, wringing his hands, not a clue where the pollution comes from.

"We need more money from the state!" the mayor whines. Where has all the money from the parking meters, parking lots, concerts and many ripoffs in the village gone, your majesty? The farce that is "once the property is sold, the new owners must replace the septics” is an unfunny joke.

What say Post-Star, how about getting in line with the people, like you did fighting against the dirt bike nuisance?

John Siebrecht, Queensbury

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