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As children, most of us started making lists for Santa as Christmas approached. My son devoted considerable energy to the task. As adults, in the thick of the current election season unfolding around us, what if we were to similarly make a list of just what we wanted in an elected representative? What might we include? The following, while not complete, is my wish list:

1. We want to be heard.

2. We want local input prioritized.

3. We want to be represented by people from our region, not outsiders.

4. We want elected officials who rely on local support.

5. We want to minimize or eliminate outside interests trying to influence our representative.

6. We want representatives who will stand up to outside interests.

7. We want elected officials to make themselves available to constituents throughout the year.

Your list might be different, but probably includes many of the same qualities. Now, let’s take that list and use it to compare the major candidates running to represent our region in Congress — Tedra Cobb and Elise Stefanik. Viewed through the lens of my wish list, one candidate clearly stands out as the better choice.

That’s Tedra Cobb. She is not supported by big money and outside interests, she always strives to make herself available to the public, she’s lived here over 30 years and she truly knows and understands the concerns of our region. Make your own list and you may find that Tedra is the best choice for you too.

Pattye Nicolls, Hudson Falls

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