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In his letter of March 1, the Rev. Burgess objects to the recent decision of the Methodist Church to continue the policy of not marrying or ordaining practicing homosexuals, and he raises a perplexing issue: What is the balance between law and grace, and between justice and love? God is loving, but he is also just.

God makes it clear in his holy word, the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, that homosexual activity is a sin. In his love and grace he is willing to forgive sins when people confess them, repent, and receive Jesus Christ as the savior and Lord of their lives. It is not loving to tell someone that it is OK for them to keep on sinning. The church of Jesus Christ should not approve of sinful behavior. Love the sinner but hate the sin.

Jesus says three times in John 14 that if you love him, you will obey him. It is the job of the Holy Spirit to convict people of their sin, but it is not acceptable for the church to encourage a person to sin or to sanction sinful behavior. See Matthew 18:6.

I congratulate the Methodist Church for standing up for righteousness.

Rev. Jim Peterson, Granville

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