The recent Post-Star article on the church sign immigration protest was, in my opinion, a low point for the paper. This situation was not even worthy of an article, let alone one on the front page with a picture. The church sign was simply a clever word play on a Biblical concept. It was misinterpreted by a small group of politically active people.

Good people have misunderstandings. As the article states, the lead protester Kailey Strafford communicated with church members on social media and had the sign and its context explained to her. It had nothing to do with immigration policy. Why did the misunderstanding not end there? Why did she still label this “hateful rhetoric” that needed to be “denounced?” Why did churchgoers still face a Sunday morning, six-person protest that included a megaphone, signs, slogans and re-enactors? There was no reason for this protest except politics and publicity, yet The Post-Star gave it sympathetic, front-page coverage. To top it off, the church then got a “Boo” and Don Coyote ridicule because someone at the church got flustered when faced by yelling people and a reporter asking questions.

The church gave the paper a comment and explanation later that afternoon. Why the outrage toward the church? Why was this article even published? Why was it framed to try and make the church look bad when there was nothing wrong with their sign? “Boo” on The Post-Star for this bias reporting at a time when our society needs more understanding, not division.

William Elder, Saratoga Springs

Editor’s note: We consider a protest in front of a church — even a small protest — on one of the town’s busiest thoroughfares to be news that our readers would expect us to report. We did that fairly and accurately without bias. We also believe it is important to stand up for our reporters when they are not only treated rudely, but when they are threatened with arrest for doing their job. That should never be condoned.

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