We have once again witnessed President Trump’s audacious behavior. On Oct. 17 at 11:13 a.m., Trump tweeted the following verbiage relative to the 120-hour cease-fire, which suspends the hostilities between Turkey and the Kurds. He tweeted, “this is a great day for civilization,” “people have been trying to make this Deal for many years” and “millions of lives will be saved.”

In analyzing the events which have occurred since Oct. 6, it is problematic to ascertain how Trump can claim any credit for this cease-fire. On Oct. 6, Trump engaged in a telephone call with Turkish President Erdogan. This conversation happened without Trump seeking prior guidance from his National Security Staff or the Joint Chiefs of Staff. During this call, Trump advised Erdogan that the United States would not interfere if the Turks invaded Northern Syria and attack the Kurds, even though the Kurds were staunch U.S. allies in abolishing ISIS. Since 2013 over 11,000 Kurds died and approximately 22,000 Kurds were wounded decimating ISIS.

On Oct. 9, the Turkish military invaded Northern Syria. According to National Public Radio, since Oct. 9 approximately 218 Kurdish women and children were slain and about 200,000 Kurds were displaced due to Turkish aggression.

Following the disclosure of the Oct. 6 call, Trump faced momentous criticism from members of his own political party. Due to this fact and this fact alone, Trump deployed Vice President Pence to Turkey, which eventually led to the aforementioned 120-hour cease-fire.

It is clear that Trump’s flippant decision to allow Turkey attack the Kurds resulted in the deaths and mass relocation of Kurdish residents; 283 women and children died and Trump has the audacity to attempt to spin this tragedy so it appears as if he is a hero. Utterly deplorable!

Joseph H. Oswald, Salem

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