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Letter to the editor: Cable bill raises hackles

Letter to the editor: Cable bill raises hackles



Scam alert! Spectrum is at it — again.

My new bill received Sept. 12 jumped from $174.21 to $245.92.

I immediately wound my way through Spectrum's “customer service” telephone maze in some faraway land for an explanation. I greeted the representative, Rose, in ill humor, even asking her to pass the call to a manager, but she was up for a challenge.

We found something called “partial month charges” of $64.89, covering Aug. 12 through Sept. 3, had been added to the usual bill; I simply was double-billed for that time period, without notification or legality.

Rose had the audacity to ask if I had recently altered my bundled service or called for repairs, while all the time viewing my computerized file that would show no changes. Another blame the victim scenario.

It was finally chalked up to a computer glitch with my “grandfathered service,” whatever that means. My bill was reduced to $177.33.

Curiously, Rose confirmed to me this problem could be repeated with other subscribers.

Can you hear the figurative scam alert buzzer going off in your head?

My fear is there are subscribers throughout New York who can't or won't defend themselves against this latest Spectrum thievery. We all know people who long ago became so deflated with constantly rising utility costs that they wave the white flag of surrender and pay their bills without review.

I'm also sympathetic to people who may be too timid or afraid to challenge big business, or don't know how to question these shameful monopolies, or believe the problem is insurmountable.

Just months ago, Spectrum paid a big fine to avoid eviction from New York after failing to meet years-old, state-mandated broadband installation requirements. It's no surprise Spectrum subscribers will be extorted into reimbursing Spectrum for its sins.

It's nauseating.

Dominic Tom, Moreau


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