I am writing to publicly voice my support for three very strong candidates in the Lake George Central School District Board of Education election on May 21. Melissa Seale, Maryanne MacKenzie and Linda King offer a combination of new and unique perspectives (Melissa and Maryanne) and extensive past school board service (Linda, with 28 years of prior experience). We need their combined wisdom and commitment to operating our school district in a transparent manner to bring trust and respect back to the district. It is common knowledge that the current board and administration have made some very poorly thought-out changes over the past two years. Your newspaper has covered those controversies well. We desperately need a change in leadership, and these three individuals will help to support that change.

I spent my entire career as an educator in a neighboring district. My wife has worked in the Lake George District for the past 28 years. Lake George has always been the envy of the region, not just for its excellent academic programs but also for its supportive and nurturing environment. The current board and administration have made decisions that have had very negative impacts on that environment, and they have made these regrettable decisions without seeking any input from the constituencies who have been the most impacted: students, faculty, staff and building leaders. We need to elect board members who value the sense of community that Lake George Central School has long been noted for. Melissa, Maryanne and Linda will do that, and I ask that you please vote and consider supporting these candidates.

Todd R. Earl, Lake George

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