Letter to the editor: Be reasonable and dump bail reform

Letter to the editor: Be reasonable and dump bail reform



I urge our politicians to set aside any partisan feelings and immediately abolish the new bail reform laws. They are a travesty of justice, which endanger not only law enforcement but law-abiding American citizens as well. In the short time they have been in place, criminals have been caught and released, only to re-offend the same day.

It is a waste of taxpayer funds to bring in a criminal, process them, and release them only to repeat. It is also a field day for drug dealers who just go back to business as usual the minute they get out.

Further, this law creates a danger and invasion to law-abiding victims who have to let the criminal back into their home to review the scene of the crime and gather all their personal information. And do you actually expect someone who has committed a serious crime to show up for court and be prosecuted?

I honestly believe that this law was enacted in a partisan way in order to ensure more votes from criminals, illegals, their families and friends, and their sympathizers.

Our legislators have lost touch with their constituents and have invited chaos and crime into our lives.

Fact is, this law has actually brought American people together against the politicians that favor it, regardless of our political affiliation.

If, in fact, there should be bail reform in any way, it must be drawn up with bipartisan transparency, and include the input of law enforcement, the judicial system, and the people. If you don’t listen now, you’ll hear us at the voting booth.

Tony Trello, Hudson Falls


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