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Letter to the editor: Be aware of phone call scams


It's been said and broadcast more times than we can count, however the scammers are still weaving their evil webs, and people are still falling for their lines.

Today, my partner Paul, answered our home phone call from his "grandson" asking for money to pay a fine and lawyer. The reason was he was in an accident after a glass of wine, was charged with DWI and was in jail. The reason his speech was different was that his lip had stitches. "Please don't mention this to anyone," he said.

Paul was in tears and said he would wire the several thousand dollars right away. Just then, I walked into the kitchen, and Paul didn't even get started and I knew it was a scam. I asked if he mentioned Christian by name. No, just "your grandson." Since Paul has only one grandson, it was easy to find out the truth. I immediately texted Christian at grad school and he texted that he never called and it must be a scam. He called after class and reassured Paul that he was fine and no call was made.

The person called again and I answered the phone and gave him an earful of some not-so-ladylike language to say the least.

We contacted the Attorney General's Office and spoke with Brian. He was sympathetic but also said the number we had probably went through three or four numbers making it impossible to trace. He did ask that we inform our family and friends making them aware of the scum that are out there preying on the elderly's emotions. So, that's what I'm doing by this letter. Thank you.

Frances Bowen, Queensbury


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