The wrong lesson was taught today (Oct. 20) to approximately 40 young Pop Warner football players from Clifton Park and South Glens Falls, their families and friends. They are two very good, evenly matched teams that are well coached and respectful. Unfortunately, the lesson was not about sportsmanship or winning and losing. It was about how someone in charge, in this case referees, can be unfair and not be held accountable. Despite this, it was a great game. All the kids played hard and did their best.

The referees, unfortunately, were shameless and blatantly unfair in their officiating. Even people from the winning team were overheard on the sidelines and stands saying how awful the officials were.

Congratulations on a game well played are in order for both teams and their fans. But the officials should be ashamed of the poor example they set today.

Chuck Lobosco Sr., Saratoga Springs

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