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I recently read an article in the news about "zombie houses.” Let's talk about a bigger problem "zombie landlords." There are other names, however I am being civil.

The first neighbor threatened us to the point that a restraining order was issued on two different members of the household. The second neighbor had bed bugs and infested the whole property exposing Orkin chemicals to everyone. The third neighbor both smokes and most likely deals illegal-smelling substances. They even have a young child living next door! Amazingly, still nothing is done by anyone.

We see numerous cars coming and going at night which we have reported to the "authorities" who have been here several times, but have done nothing due to restrictions in the law. The entire duplex is filled with "smoke" and no one does anything! The authorities have smelled potential illegal smoke in my whole apartment from the neighbor’s apartment next door numerous times. They agree it certainly smells like "illegal smoke" yet cannot do anything due to restrictions in the law like not having a warrant and the neighbors never answering the door. The "authorities" come in various forms: organizations, and people. It isn't just one agency.

The simple fix is that I just move, right? Think again. I have had the same thing happen in every apartment I live in. The "zombie landlords" want the rent, however, and they could care less that the warranty of habitability is being broken. They could certainly do something about it on that basis alone, however they don't.

Public housing has a whole different set of rules, but Glens Falls city has not adopted any of those rules or ordinances yet, so private apartments are a free for all, letting anyone move in and do whatever they want.

Ronald Tanner, Glens Falls

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