Ken Tingley really hit the nail on the head Sunday, not once, but twice! You helped me, just a little, to understand how otherwise intelligent people can be Trump backers. To me, it seems like these intelligent people are saying it’s okay to lie nearly every time you open your mouth, destroy our environment, have total disregard for human life, line the pockets of the rich. 

He hates Democrats, the press, people of other colors or nations (except maybe his wife), former presidents, yet loves a murderous dictator and a leader that violated our election system, but they think that’s OK?

As I see it, he hasn’t kept one single promise that he made prior to his election, either. You did an excellent job of summing up the situation. I didn’t realize that he had taken away the protection for stockholders that Obama had put in place after the last disaster until you mentioned it, but I sure found out the hard way Monday, when they dropped drastically because of his trade threats with China! 

Two things I would add that scare me — the national debt and the fact that nothing has been done about the Russian election problem; but I think we know why that is! 

Let Trump backers disprove anything in your articles! Keep up the good work!

Carol Bromley, South Glens Falls

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