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Trump, after hours of what appeared to be a presidential attentiveness to the concerns of the students, faculty and parents of this most recent school massacre, his ultimate answer came only days later at his impenetrable White House. His answer was to arm the teachers!

I can only imagine that at the next school slaughter, the first to die would be the teacher. Yet as we now know, there was present at the scene of this disaster a sheriff whose sole responsibility was to intervene and prevent the disaster that took place, yet failed to act. All of this reminds me of a state trooper at the Salem school in open view whose presence was more than sufficient to deter the tragedy of which we now speak.

Yet Trump, in concert with the NRA, has now promoted not less guns but hundreds or thousands more for the teachers of our country as the answer to a tragedy that compounds itself and makes a mockery of what the Second Amendment is all about solely based upon the cowardice of one sheriff to simply do his duty.

Henry P. Oswald, Salem

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