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The American people are held hostage by the NRA. It is time we mutinied, took back our democracy and threw out any member of Congress who votes for fewer gun restrictions and more assault weapons. The goal of the NRA is to persuade us that we need to buy more guns, particularly military assault weapons, which in some mysterious way will make our children safe. If you believe this, suspend all reason.

We need a modern Paul Revere to warn the country and call for revolution. The time is now! Let each one of us do what we can to elect a Congress that will govern for the good of its citizens.

Students: Be involved! 17-year-olds may register and vote in primary elections if they turn 18 before the next general election and be at least 18 on the day of the election.

Members of the greatest generation: Take your wheelchairs and canes and do whatever you can to elect officials who are not captives of the NRA.

For all people of good will: Write letters to the editor, speak up, inspire friends, flood social media, find the candidates who are not afraid and donate money to the candidates who will be targeted (the right word choice) by the NRA.

Former presidents — where are you? You have children and grandchildren.

The Founding Fathers are surely aghast as to how the right to carry arms has been construed to justify mass murders of children. They had muskets that took a while to load one bullet.

Do not misconstrue this as a tirade against responsible gun owners to give up their guns.

Catherine Crank, Salem