In response to Ms. Adams’ letter to the editor May 12, I believe she sees an unplanned baby in her mother’s womb and has nothing but negative things to say. Instead of seeing a baby full of potential, she sees a burden. Instead of seeing a baby capable of love and desiring of love, she sees an inconvenience. Instead of seeing a baby who will bring joy to her adoptive parents, she sees a price tag. Instead of seeing a baby who can overcome disabilities, she sees medical bills. Ms. Adams’ point of view represents everything that is wrong with New York and our culture of devaluing the human person.

The governors who she sees as breaking the law Roe vs. Wade are, in my opinion, upholding the constitutional rights of every human person: the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The first of these rights is the right to life.

I personally know two women who are the products of unplanned pregnancy, one being my sister-in-law, whose biological mother had her at age 19, and the other my friend, whose biological mother had her at age 16. As babies, both girls were adopted into loving caring homes. Perhaps they were unplanned, but they were not unloved. They grew up to be great women with good careers, natural doting mothers and kind cherished friends.

So it’s easy to be negative and judge unplanned babies as Ms. Adams does. But I would encourage everyone to see the value of every preborn baby and to recognize the potential of the human spirit within each child.

Jennifer Richard, Burnt Hills

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