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As a gun owner and someone who enjoys the sport of skeet and trap, I need to say I agree completely with the excellent column by Ken Tingley (Feb. 19 Post-Star) on the need for stricter gun control.

I have a license to carry a handgun, but I have never carried one and never will. I see no need for anyone other than a policeman or associated profession to carry a gun. In 85 years, I have never needed this kind of self-protection. I was once confronted with road rage in Glens Falls, grabbed by a huge man with intent to do damage. I said to him quietly, “Take your hands off of me or you will be spending a long, long time in jail.” He paused, returned to sanity, and went his way. If there had been a gun involved, one of us would have been dead.

The NRA says that “guns don’t kill, only people kill.” Nonsense! People use guns to kill other people. It is the weapon of choice. Actually, the Second Amendment, if interpreted in historical context, does not allow for the general public to carry a gun. It says very clearly only a member of an organized militia may take his musket home with him. He is a Minute Man and must be prepared. I have not seen any “Red Coats” on my street recently!

Clayton Burgess, South Glens Falls