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After a wonderfully relaxing hunting season, then the hectic holiday season, I was in great spirits for my retirement year of 2019 ahead.

Until I read Mr. Tingley’s past Sunday column. What we got as readers was the same old boo-hoo, woe was me from a tireless petulant liberal whose self-righteousness we must constantly endure. Just can’t help himself I guess.

The publisher is responsible for content — and we’re not getting much of that. Comics and crosswords are okay — carefully chosen biased, opinionated AP reporting is not. Full page colored advertisements are just filler and fodder.

I just happen to think that “the good fight” ahead is that you gentlemen be retired. Reminds me of a column by Mr. Doolittle a while back. He was out for sightseeing in a smart car being hounded by a log truck driver with a schedule to keep. I can see your faces in the back seat there, and we as readers are driving that truck!

Andrew Nelson, Fort Ann

Editor’s Note: We stand by the reporting of the Associated Press as factual and fair. It is expensive, but we believe we get our money’s worth. Mr. Tingley asserts he is not a liberal, but a fiscal conservative who would accept the label of a moderate if it is forced upon him. He believes his columns and editorials back that up. Mr. Doolittle does not drive a smart car. 

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