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I was working on this letter when I read the letter from the beautiful letter writer Al Scoonzarielli, who honored me with being in "his crowd." I too admire all the other people in Al’s crowd and enjoy their letters immensely.

Being a military veteran, I tend to look through the eyes of patriotism and view all Americans as my equal, and I don’t like putting detrimental labels on people. However, when it comes to the Trump supporters, most seem proud to be called "The Deplorables." I’ve even seen some wearing T-shirts saying: "Deplorable and Proud of it." Therefore, I want to explain to the deplorables exactly why most Americans think they are deplorable. First and foremost, you are deplorable because even though you heard your president brag about sexually assaulting women, you voted for him anyway. It is deplorable that you support your president even though he announced to the world that he is a "nationalist." Since he is Caucasian, that makes him a white nationalist, and we all know what that means. Supporting him makes you either a racist or tolerant of racism. It is deplorable that you believe everything your president tells you, even though he is a compulsive serial liar that racked up over 7,000 documented lies since in office. Supporting someone who trashes our allies, insults Gold Star families, pays off porn stars and playboy bunnies to shut them up, is not only deplorable but un-American and unpatriotic in my eyes. You are deplorable because you don’t fact check anything your president or Fox News tells you, and you all call good news outlets that report facts and truth fake news. Finally, you are deplorable because if President Obama did only one of these things, you would all want to impeach him.

Suzie Rocca, Moreau

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