Letter to Editor: The U.S. needs allies we're losing

Letter to Editor: The U.S. needs allies we're losing



Since the end of World War II, we have lived in fear of Stalin, Khrushchev, Gorbachev and now Putin. We have been involved in many police actions, including Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan and Iraq. Thousands of young men lost their lives, trillions of dollars were wasted and nothing was accomplished.

Now, one of our biggest threats is closer to home. This time it is not a threat from a foreign country. The threat is Donald Trump. He has the ability to annihilate our friendship with other countries. His abuse of power parallels the early years of Adolf Hitler. He believes that he is not answerable to any authority. All are answerable to him.

We fought with our allies during World War II. If Trump forces us into another conflict, how many allies will we have to support us?

I truly hope that our Congress can quit all of their petty infighting, pull together, and create restraints on our president and all future presidents before it is too late.

We can say that Iran is nothing more than a small country, but I am sure that China and Russia will be in the background, backing the conflict. They’ve been wanting to get us by our “assets” for years.

Richard Stewart, North Creek


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