Letter to editor: The many reasons I want Trump out

Letter to editor: The many reasons I want Trump out



I want Trump removed from office and not because I hate him or because I suffer from PTSD due to Clinton's loss.

I don't think there's much of an upside to hate, but I've always believed he was a charlatan and a fraud. My opinion of him has not changed because he's sitting in the White House.

The day after the election, I shed a few tears because Trump won, but have spent no time pining for Clinton. I want Trump removed because he cannot be trusted to act rightly, because he believes he is a stable genius who knows more than his generals, because he and many of his Christian followers believe he was appointed by God, the chosen one.

I want Trump removed, because he is Putin's "useful idiot" who really wants a couple of Trump towers in Moscow or who doesn't want Putin to give up any dirt on him, who wants Ivanka to get her trade deals with China or Jared to get his financial deals with the Saudi crown prince.

I want Trump removed because of Republicans in Congress like Graham, McConnell, McCarthy, Stefanik, etc., who will lie and prostrate themselves to him, defend him if he shoots someone on Fifth Avenue to ensure their re-election.

I want Trump removed because he leads rallies calling people traitors, rats, human scum, Pocahontas, fake news, etc., and his followers laugh and applaud him. He slanders and maligns our judicial, diplomatic, intelligence and military communities, our news media and anyone who criticizes him.

I want him removed because he avoided military service with daddy's money and a trumped-up medical condition, yet he is making life and death decisions. Trump is a fraud and a charlatan with congressional support and the applause of his followers — a sad, frightening time.

Kate Crotty, Fort Ann


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