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Since Hal Bain informed us he was not running for office and would not serve, the only question the editorial board had was whether Tony Metivier was worthy of the endorsement.

After hearing Metivier’s fiery indictment of party politics in the county and town, there was no doubt he is.

Metivier said the roots of the current political turmoil date back to last November’s vote to replace the town’s law firm with Fitzgerald Morris Baker & Firth, where John Aspland was a managing partner, also serving as vice chairman of the Queensbury Republican Committee at the time.

Metivier said, “Mike Grasso (chairman of the Warren County Republicans) left me a message that said, ‘You will vote for this, or you will pay.’ ”

“I was against the vote because it was an old RFP (request for proposal) from 2014,” Metivier said. “There were eight lawyers on the RFP and only two were still there. My argument was that this was not the process.”

Metivier knew going into the vote last November that the proposal would pass, but he voted against it anyway.

“I probably voted no just to prove a point,” Metivier said.

And as promised by Grasso, there was payback.

“I went before the Republican committee to ask for the nomination,” Metivier related. “I told them that someone in this room told me that I had to vote for the new law firm, or I would pay. Doug Irish spoke up and said no one in that room would do that. Then Grasso chirped up and said, `I said that.’ ”

Metivier said he was told the vote was 41-0 for Hal Bain, which provided Bain a spot on the ballot for the Republican primary.

“I think they were convinced I could not get the job done by myself,” Metivier said.

Metivier, without help from any political party volunteers, went door-to-door to get the signatures to get his name on the Republican primary ballot himself.

“It was impossible, but I got it done and got all the signatures,” he said.

Metivier won the primary, handily.

He went on to speak about the ongoing turmoil in the town and did not pull any punches.

“Everything they do is bizarre,” Metivier said of the Republicans. “I have never seen anything like this. They are a bunch of buffoons.”

Metivier said he would be in favor of a new RFP for a new law firm but said the town’s options might be limited and that Miller, Mannix, Schachner and Hafner probably would not want to return.

“Choices for a new law firm are limited,” he said. “And we need a law firm.”

When he was asked what serving on the board will be like if he wins, acknowledging that Republicans generally win Town Board elections, he was even more candid.

“It’s going to be pure hell,” Metivier said. “I don’t know what their game is. I don’t know what they are after. Is it a power trip? What do they want?”

Metivier, who has been on the Town Board for five terms and 10 years, related one final story.

“My first year in office, Mike Grasso was pushing for Miller Mannix (the town’s law firm) to be replaced,” Metivier said. “He said they never gave one dime to the Republicans. I said, I was kind of naive, ‘That’s a good thing right? That’s a good thing.’ He just walked away.”

Voters in Ward 1 should not walk away from Metivier. He has shown character in the face of adversity and proven he will do what is best for the town and its citizens, even when he is pressured to do otherwise.

Post-Star editorials represent the opinion of the Post-Star editorial board, which consists of Publisher Robert Forcey, Controller/Operations Director Brian Corcoran, Editor Ken Tingley, Projects Editor Will Doolittle and citizen representatives Dan Gealt, George Nelson and Connie Bosse.


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