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Mayor post

This Facebook post by Fort Ann Mayor Denis Langlois was published before Election Day. The language he used was inappropriate and his intent was to insult and intimidate other citizens who have differing viewpoints.

Sadly, inappropriate political discourse has once again trickled down into our local community.

Denis Langlois, the recently appointed mayor of the village of Fort Ann, made a post on his Facebook page that is wrong on so many levels, we almost don’t know where to begin.

We apologize in advance for even exposing our readers to this type of diatribe, but we believe the only way we can we can be clear about Langlois’ indiscretion is to reprint it in its entirety:

“If anyone that I know vote for a Democrat on Tuesday you should sign yourself into the mental health unit at your local hospital because are retarded and need help. Vote Republican and ‘Keep America Great.’”

That’s what Langlois wrote.

Let’s start with the language.

Not only is it inappropriate for a public official to use that word, it is inappropriate for anyone to use any time.

The dictionary clearly spells out the secondary meaning as “a mentally handicapped person (often used as a general term of abuse).”

But Langlois’ offense doesn’t end there.

First, he told a reporter he didn’t remember if he wrote it, then after admitting that he had, argued he had a right to be perfectly awful in his behavior as a private citizen, as long as he wasn’t speaking as a public person.

Sorry, Mr. Langlois, but it doesn’t work that way.

As bad as his choice of words was, his intent to insult and intimidate other citizens who have differing viewpoints is simply un-American and at the heart of our problems with our broken political system.

We urge Mr. Langlois to give the U.S. Constitution a read, specifically the Bill of Rights and freedom of speech.

We all have a right to our own beliefs, including Langlois.

We suggest Mr. Langlois apologize to the people of Fort Ann for his ill-advised post, because it reflects badly on the community as a whole when the mayor says something offensive.

But if Langlois truly wants to give back to his community, if he truly wants to “Keep America Great,” then he should consider volunteering some time at a local special education class at one of the local schools, or better yet, establish a program in the village to provide work opportunities for mentally handicapped individuals.

That would be making America great again.

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